It is not only an original art, but also a product. Enter the ecosystem and you will see it.
Toonlands Metaverse is an ecosystem that provides a 3D experience based on the web browser. Platform powered by casual-Hypercasual games; It includes many p2e and e2p games.
The Legendegens project consists of avatars that are specially designed for the metaverse world on the Solana network. Full doxxed and professional team of 24 talented people. There are 44 legendary cards in 4444 unique designs. All of the designs are hand drawn and drawn by female NFT artist ARTemisia. Legendegens , that is created for Toonlands, which is designed as a cross-platform universe, is theoretically designed as a common avatar system to be used in all metaverse environments and games in the future. Utilities include a raid-to-earn mechanism, Toonlands’ 100+ game revenue system, ToonID Web2-Web3 integration and a lot of tools for degens including AI mint tools and analysis tools. Community comes first so the holders are the true founders.
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